Do you know that the medical field is getting famous day by day? It is not that this field was not popular before. But, more students are being inclined towards the area now. Around 65% of students as per the statistics apply for medical schools on a daily basis and it is so exciting. But it also makes getting into your desired med school a bit difficult. You may be thinking why that is so. Most of them have strong MCAT scores and impressive GPAs. Therefore, medical schools are using different approaches to make the right decision on which candidate to select. And medical research is one of them.

We are sure that you already know this. That is why you are here right now and reading this guide. Awesome! But before we jump into the article let us discuss medical research and why it is so important. The answer is simple. Medical research shows that you are ready to take on the challenges in the medical field. It also makes you ready for the future. So, even though medical research is not a requirement in the majority of pre-med schools. It is an impressive way to make yourself stand out among other candidates. Let us see what are the ways through which you can conduct medical research!

Conducting An Impressive Medical Research – 5 Different Ways

Are you looking forward to pursuing your career in medicine? If you want to be admitted to a prestigious pre-med school then you must read this guide till the end. Here are the 5 ways through which you can conduct impressive medical research and prove why you are the best candidate.

1. Basic Science Research

The first medical research you can conduct is basic science research. It also has a second name and that is bench research. You must have heard about it. No? Well, now you do.

This type of research is conducted in a laboratory setting. Here, you have to tackle the fundamentals of biology, like studying cells, bacteria, animal species, etc. For example: If you have a keen interest in learning about how gut bacteria affect the protein probe, then this will be your research topic.

2. Clinical Case Studies

Now, let’s move to another type of medical research. It is based on clinical case studies. It is the backbone of medical research and will increase your chances of getting into your favourite pre-med school.

This medical research is solely based on authentic and real data from hospitals, clinics, laboratories, etc. In this, you are required to define the symptoms, diagnosis, and symptoms. Moreover, did you know you are exposed to human diseases through this research?

But, remember this medical research is conducted over years by a physician-researcher. So, if you are opting for this research, that ensures that a known physician is okay with co-authoring your case study.

3. Public Health Research

Public health research is another medical research you can conduct for your school. Here you get to study how to improve the health of the general public. And, what means can you adopt for this? There are diverse topics you can cover in this research like vaccines, substance abuse, disease prevention, etc.

4. Hypothesis Based Research

Looking for the big challenge to grasp on. And, want to impress the school you are applying to? Well, then, this type of medical research is perfect for you.

The hypothesis-based research is a bit different than others. Here, you have to conduct different experiments and collect the data. Also, a piece of friendly advice. This type of research is not fruitful sometimes because they are hypothesis-based. Moreover, they are also very time-consuming. So, if you have enough time and can take a 1-3 year gap, then you should obviously go for this.

5. Method Publications

Wondering what other type of medical research you can conduct? Well, it is method publications. Here, you must conduct new and innovative research methods by analyzing the previously presented data. Moreover, you must prove that your developed methods can apply to every environmental setting. There are two different ways through which you can conduct method publications. One is data analysis and the second is experimental.

Furthermore, this type of medical research is a bit time-consuming. But, fret not! Opt for this medical research method without any hesitation. If you ever feel stuck in your research, you can always seek guidance from professionals at Medical Assignment Help in Karachi.

Tips For Conducting Medical Research

Now that you are aware of what are ways through which you can conduct medical research, let’s have a look at some amazing tips that will actually help you in conducting it.

1. Form An Idea

The first tip is to form an idea. Without knowing what you are going to write in your medical research will give you a tough time. Thus, before starting out, know what will be your research topic. We know research is a bit dull and boring. Thus, if you want to make it more exciting choose the topic you are interested in!

A friendly piece of advice: Make sure that you know your topic is worth investing your time and energy in. Also, opt for a topic you can easily conduct research on.

2. Find A Mentor

You can not conduct medical research on your own. We know this may sound a bit bitter but it is the fact. Therefore, before conducting research make sure that you have a mentor to guide you through the process. Have good professional relations with your professors? Well, that’s fantastic. Ask them if they can help you out with your research process.

3. Foster Effective Communication

Well, surely you may already know that research is a team effort. Thus, make sure to foster effective communication. Furthermore, if you are not sure whether or not you can fully commit to research work, then don’t apply for it. It is highly unprofessional. Lastly, give your 100% and go beyond and above to make your research successful.


Are you looking forward to applying to med school? Well, it is a huge milestone in your academic career. So, firstly a big congratulations! Secondly, if you want to make yourself stand out from other applicants then conducting medical research is key. Even though it is not that important we will highly recommend this. So, opt for any of the above ways for medical research. They all are good in their respective places. So, choose the one that you prefer most. And best of luck with your research process!

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