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Why every bride-to-be should know about Pre-Wedding Wax

Pre-Wedding Wax
Pre-Wedding Wax

One of the most common beauty terms that any individual comes across is “waxing.” From going for a full-body wax to targeting specific areas of the face, a woman is prepared to go through it all just to look all “smooth” and hair-free on their big day. Television commercials, beauty magazines, and the popular film culture showing hairless women have been shoved down our throats for ages. Body hair is absolutely normal and should not be a parameter for defining beauty.

However, if you do choose to go for a thorough waxing, then we have all the answers to the questions that have probably been running on your mind for a while now. Answers to questions like what are the “pre-bridal packages near me” can easily be found with one swipe on the internet, hence making the entire process a lot easier.

According to research, a lot of Indian women choose to go for a “Bridal Full Body Wax” before their wedding as they feel like that is the primary way of removing body hair. Other options like shaving, epilating, and laser hair removal are still a blank spot due to uncertainty, less knowledge, and high price points.

A treatment as simple as waxing is available in all budget ranges and hence can be opted for by anyone! When searching for keywords like “full-body wax price,” check out the Zoylee app to save your time and money.

Note – In order to find some amazing salon waxing services, check out the online booking applications such as Zoylee App, My salon App, and Setmore App.

Full arms/leg waxing

One of the first things that any woman thinks about while getting waxed is their arms and legs. These body parts are more prone to exposure due to the varying cuts, lengths, and styles of Indian bridal wear. In order to prevent ingrown hair and wax burns, it is often advised to exfoliate properly before stepping in for the appointment.

Full arm and leg waxing is an easy fix if you do not particularly have a lot of hair on the entire body but would just like to clean up a little before your D-day. Opt for getting waxed at least a month prior to avoid any redness, rashes, and swelling. Apply ice packs and aloe vera gel after the procedure is complete. Let the area breathe, and do not wear tight nylon clothes for 2 weeks after the waxing is done.

Facial waxing

Facial Waxing is a sensitive topic to touch upon as many women just wish to leave their face as it is. While it is completely normal and usual to have little peach fuzz on your face, it is also completely up to an individual if they want to keep or remove it.

However, removing facial hair makes your skin softer and provides a flawless base for makeup application. A special facial wax is used as the skin is far more sensitive and prone to waxing burns. Discuss your options thoroughly with your professional to understand if you want to proceed with the wax.

Underarm waxing

Underarm waxing is quite a task to do it on your own as there are high chances of ripping off the skin if done in improper conditions. A cool temperature with the perfect grip and pull technique is essential to grab and wax all of the hair in one to two pulls.

Keeping the area dry from time to time with loose powder is also necessary to avoid any sweat. Finally, opt for a renowned and hygienic place to get your underarms waxed to avoid further infection before your big day.

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