Rose quartz is the name given to variants of quartz that exhibit pale pink to rose red hues. It is one of the most popular semi-precious stones in the world, having been used since ancient times in various applications. In crystal healing, rose quartz is considered to be the stone of unconditional and universal love. This article will discuss the fascinating history and meaning of rose quartz, the healing properties it possesses, and how wearing a raw rose quartz ring can help invite love and peace into your life.

The legendary rose quartz

Hyaline quartz is another name for rose quartz, which is taken from the Greek word for glass, “hyalos”. It features heavily in a Greek myth that involves the goddess Aphrodite and her true love, the mortal Adonis.

It is said that the love between Aphrodite and Adonis was so great that it enraged her former lover, the god of war Ares–so he sought every opportunity to exact revenge. He succeeded, too, when he transformed into a wild boar and mortally wounded the mortal that was his rival. Adonis’ agonized screams pierced the heavens and caught the attention of Aphrodite, who came rushing down to save him. In doing so, she cut herself on a briar bush, and her blood combined with Adonis’ on the ground, forming pink anemones and staining the quartz that surrounded him with the same color.

Zeus took pity on the couple, and decided to bring Adonis back for six months out of the year so that he could be with the goddess that he loved. From then on, rose quartz was considered to be a symbol of reconciliation and endless love.

In ancient Egypt, rose quartz was associated with beauty. They believed that the stone possessed restorative qualities that could heal the skin and prevent signs of aging from showing, and so they rubbed rose quartz stones on their cheeks and eyes. They also pulverized rose quartz, adding it as an ingredient to facial masks and other cosmetic products.

The healing properties of rose quartz

In crystal healing, rose quartz is also known as the “Heart Stone”. It is said to have a strong attachment to the Heart and Throat Chakras, and possesses a gentle and soothing energy.

It is often the stone that is recommended to be worn when one seeks to invite romance into their life, but its use is not limited to that. Rose quartz is a powerful crystal that is ripe with healing properties; it evokes all kinds of love, from platonic to familial and every other kind of love in between.

Those looking to strengthen their bonds with their partners would benefit from the energies emitted of a raw rose quartz ring. It can also serve as an aphrodisiac of sorts, awakening one’s sensual creativity and awakening the passion and intimacy within you.

Rose quartz’s positive energies also help someone release any negative emotions that they feel. Its connection to the Throat Chakra can help you find your voice; it can therefore be useful to wear a raw rose quartz ring before going into any conversations that may become tense or confrontational. It can also be helpful towards resolving disagreements and conflicts with friends, family members, or people that you work with.

Its ability to draw out negative emotions and connection to the Heart Chakra is said to be useful in helping your heart heal from any pain or trauma caused by emotional wounds. Wearing rose quartz is a great way to help yourself recover from heartbreak, as it cleanses negativity from your aura while encouraging you to show care and gentleness to yourself. 

Women in particular may find wearing a raw rose quartz ring particularly beneficial because of its connection to the feminine divine. It evokes calmness and peace while helping you cultivate a motherly sort of warmth that will make your presence soothing to those around you.

Raw vs. polished

Raw crystals refer to stones that have not been tumbled or polished. It is said that they also possess a purer energy, having been handled less by others. This allows the owner of the crystal to fully capitalize on the healing properties of that crystal, allowing them to imbue it with their own energy. In this way, raw crystals, such as the one set in the raw rose quartz ring from Ice Imports, will be uniquely yours and no one else’s.

In addition to raw rose quartz rings, you can find a wide variety of other crystals set in attractive sterling silver rings on the Ice Imports website. Choose from such popular crystals as amethyst, carnelian, moldavite, moonstone, and more. Ice Imports also offers loose raw crystals for crystal healing rituals, in addition to crystal jewelry and other accessories.

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