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Simplified Steps for the Smart Setup Wizard of the Netgear WiFi Router?

Netgear wifi router

The Netgear wifi router enables fast wifi performance and is ready to cover more than 1200 Square feet of area. It is recommended to Netgear users that they can connect at least twenty devices simultaneously. You can safely and reliably stream the videos, surf the internet and play video games without any wifi disturbance. It provides Ethernet ports so that they can easily plug into computer devices, game consoles, nearby devices that provide 4 x 1 Gigabit Ethernet ports. Hence, the Netgear wifi router load with many advance wifi technologies and design with an 850 MHz processor with two amplify high-range antennas.

The Netgear wifi router uses the USB connection to share a storage printer or USB driver that uses the Netgear_ext network name. Simply find this network and get connected to the smooth wifi connection in your entire house. And enjoy fast speed reliable wifi connection to get lag-free entertainment throughout the house.

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Netgear WiFi Router Smart Setup Wizard

Before you begin the smart setup wizard of the Netgear wifi router, you need a proper and stable internet connection. The information about the wifi connection was given by your internet service provider. Well, it also depends on the internet account that you can set up. It requires some basic things that let you access the Netgear router login page. It needs a host or domain name, internet login name and the wifi password, domain name address of the Netgear wireless router. Also, you need the fixed IP address. You need to collect the information about these things and connect it by following two simple methods.

Netgear router Smart Setup wizard

In the smart setup wizard of the Netgear wifi device, you can use the CD. Hence, click on the CD to do the smart setup wizard of the wireless device. It reviews by the users as well, it is one of the simple methods to use the CD. This setup wizard provides proper guidance that helps to verify many conditions and perform the existing steps. And the setup has been completed. To use the CD method, that requires a Windows device.

It simply takes twenty minutes to complete the setup. You need to insert the Netgear CD into the client device. Hence, the CD will automatically start following the prompts. It can also detect the language or your client’s device. Therefore, accept the language and then click next to proceed with further steps. However, tap on the setup to start the smart windows installation and follow the wizard instructions.

Netgear router Manual Setup

If you are not using the smart setup wizard then choose the manual method for the configuration of the Netgear wifi router. It is also the best option to do the setup. In this method, you replace the existing wireless router with the new modern wifi router. Hence, follow the instructions to do the setup of the Netgear router manually. You have two simple steps to enable the settings of the wifi router. 

The first one is to connect the router to the cable modem or ADSL and then connect your client device to the router. And the second method is to configure by using the wifi router device. To connect the wifi router with the computer or the modem cable. Turn off the power of your computer or laptop device. Then simply turn off or unplug the cable and then place the Ethernet cable. You need to make sure that it connects to your computer or cable modem. After that, disconnect the cable at the end of the computer device. After that securely insert the Ethernet cable into the modem. 

Steps for the Netgear wifi router 

Therefore, start the power of your computer device and type mywifiext setup into the address bar and click enter. There was an issue that created problems and that’s why they asked some security questions that you have to answer with your relevant password or username details. But make sure both should be in the lower case. Hene, click next, and the setup wizard will help you by configuring the wireless details. Therefore, click done after completing the setup wizard.

Final Words

The Netgear wifi router works very well after the complete setup. It only allows you to configure the 2.4 GHz radio settings. In case you want to configure with a 5 GHz radio then you have to use the web user interface for the setup of the device. After the setup, you can take the router anywhere in your house and place it at that place where it provides you a breakthrough wifi range. The Netgear wireless router has absolutely no issues with how many devices are connected to it at the same time.

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