Simple and Best Social Media Marketing Strategy For Every Brand

Build a social media marketing strategy and a plan to carry it out.

Social Media is a phenomenal platform to get your brand recognized. Today we have varying social media platforms, proving themselves to be fruitful for entertainment and business.

Brands have started going digital, and social media is playing a crucial role in fulfilling different goals. So, it would be best if you looked into building your marketing strategy specifically for social media. It will reward you with increased brand reach, targeted audience, brand awareness, and revenue generation.

Through this article, you will learn to build a social media strategy, social media marketing tips, and statistics that will guide you better. So let’s get started. 

Why is social media so beneficial?

Social media humanizes your brand. It creates an approachable approach for the viewers to connect, familiarise and trust the brand. It’s an excellent platform to get visible in front of your large targeted audience and helps in generating powerful leads.

Furthermore, it offers you an opportunity to convert your potential buyers into customers. Lastly, it’s pretty important to make your brand reach. With social media, you improve brand awareness amongst people and build a lasting relationship with them.

Having a thorough social media marketing practice will reap you ample benefits.

Here are a few statistics to emphasize the growth of social media to you.

  • 6 out of 10 people in this World have a social network account.
  • More than 45% of Internet users research the product on Social Media.
  • The number of active users as of 2022 on popular social media platforms is as follows:
          1. Facebook– 2895 Million
          2. YouTube– 2291 Million
          3. Instagram– 1393 Million
          4. TikTok– 1000 Million
          5. Snapchat– 538 Million
  • 85% of marketers rate short-form videos on social media as the most effective ones.
  • Facebook stories have 500 million daily views.
  • Video Ads perform better than any other ad format on Facebook.
  • 90% of Instagram users follow a business profile.
  • 80% of Instagram stories with CTA perform better.
  • Instagram advertising reach has grown by 20.3% in the past 12 months.
  • Nearly 61.2% of people between 18-34 are active on Instagram.
  • YouTube reaches more adults between 18-24 than any other TV network.
  • YouTube viewers watch 1billion+ hours of video content daily.
  • The average video length on YouTube is 10 minutes long.

All these statistics prove the importance of social media and its powerful benefits for business.

An Ideal Social Media Marketing plan

Creating an account on Social Media is not enough, and you cannot do with irregular posts and no strategy in action. You need a proper action plan to achieve results from social media. The best thing about social media marketing is analytics, and you can measure everything and use the data to draw better strategies in the future. Here are three steps to create your social media plan.

  • Choose your platforms

Every Social Media platform caters to a different type of audience and content. While some platforms may be fruitful to you, others might not. You need to understand various social media platforms and evaluate which one works for you the best.

We advise you to pick 3-4 of the best and get started with them. Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube are brilliant picks. You can choose from Snapchat, Twitter, TikTok, Pinterest, and others as per your industry and need. However, initially, get started with a minimum. It’s more important to be consistent than to be irregularly present everywhere.

  • Set goals and objectives

After choosing the social media platforms, you would need content. There are millions of content ideas to play with on social media. Understand your capabilities to produce qualitative content. Initially, start with one post in a day. Be engaging with the audience throughout. Look at the analytics and set goals and objectives accordingly.

Your goals with social media should be clear.

  • Do you want to improve your reach?
  • Do you want to see an increase in sales?
  • Do you want to create a compelling brand image?
  • Do you wish to generate leads?

With clear goals in mind, you would be able to focus on content that produces desired results.

Maintain an Excel sheet with posts planned out for the month, and this will help you stay more consistent and disciplined with the strategy implementation.

  • Study analytics

Study the data derived from your social media activity. Understand what kind of content engages more. Churn more of it regularly. Adjust your social media strategies according to the metrics and analytics.

With Social media analytics, you get every information like demographics, age, gender, posts that create the most engagement, and related information. Use this data resourcefully to draw a powerful social media strategy for the next month.

Social Media Marketing Tips

  • Diversify your content

You can truly make it big on social media if you have valuable content. Be playful with your content. Follow the 70:20:10 rule; 70% of your content should be educational, 20% emotional, and 10% promotional.

Overall, your content should mix images, loads of videos, stories, and live streams. The statistics above show how video content is the king. Well, start creating yours using an online video maker. Ensure that your content is engaging and helpful.

  • Recycle your content

You don’t need to create new content from scratch for every social media. Repurpose the content from your bank, recycle it and refurbish it for different platforms.

Be creative using an editor, you can create multiple videos from the same source in just minutes. Using an online video trimmer, trim and edit your videos for different social media platforms. Link them to your websites and generate more traffic.

  • Start using creative tools

You don’t necessarily need professional help to show your creative side. With online content creation tools, you can create visually appealing and enriching content in just minutes. Use a graphic creation tool to create compelling visual content quickly.

  • Advertise

Run ads on social media. It helps you reach a large targeted audience and redirect them to your websites. The ultimate goal of social media strategies is to earn monetary gains somehow. Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram ads are the most popular ones. Start practicing it.

Summing up, be patient, consistent, and creative with your social media plans. Gain inspiration from around and try implementing that within your social media. However, be prepared to know that some strategies might work for you and some won’t. You just need to keep trying.

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