Some Most Used And Demanded Lighting Systems

Lighting has always been our need for the present and past and will always remain for the future. Humans always need light to perform their daily tasks. As days are for work and nights are to rest because the day has a light for us. But in some situations, we need artificial light to work in dark areas like tunnels. Lights are also used for many cases like security or to work in dark places.

Everything is invented to benefit us in some way. When the first bulb was invented, it was a considerable achievement. But somehow, we use things for leisure, such as nighttime concerts, parties, and other events.

Of the major types (outdoor lighting and indoor lighting), the unique lighting system is outdoor lighting. This lighting system ensures the ultimate nighttime experience for decorative purposes, night events, security, and clear vision if appropriately set.

Now that we have discussed outdoor lighting usage, we will discuss the most used systems in outdoor lighting.

Here are some most used and demanded lighting systems in the following.

Street Lights

Street lights are the first on the list because these lights are the most commonly known outdoor lights. Some years ago, street lights were very rare because the application for this lighting system cost so much.

They used old technologies such as fluorescent bulbs or CFL lamps that give low output and consume high energy voltage. But now that we have LED lights, we saved our money.

LED lights are highly efficient and cost-effective lighting systems. LED Street Lights are also very efficient now because of the most advanced technologies.

Many lighting distributors deliver lights that have a lifespan of almost 50,000 to 70,000 hours, almost 5 to 8 years. Using a single light for over seven years is a lot of time. These lights can give output starting from 180LM/W and go up according to the requirements.

They also have ingress protection 66 & 67, which protects them from environmental factors like heavy rain or dust. This ensures their maximum protection against the environment; hence, it remains usable for a long time. They are available in cool white and warm white color. You can buy them according to your preferences.

Stadium Lights

The second on the list is also best known for outdoor lighting systems. Stadium lights, also known as sports lights, are like the advanced system of street lights. They include all the features of street lights but also have some more exciting features. Stadium lights are mostly used in the stadiums (obviously).

Most of the time, when we have to light up the outdoor grounds at night, we prefer using stadium lights. These lights have high-intensity light with desired beam angle. Mostly they have short beam angles so they can throw all the light in the desired diameter.

The mounting height of these lights varies differently for each light having different specifications, such as light having small beam angle and high intensity can be mounted on tall heights and vice versa for large beam angle and low intensity.

The brightness of these lights is a very important factor in buying. Otherwise, it will fail to fulfill the lighting requirements at night events which we do not want. Usually, their brightness starts from around 60,000 lumens and goes up according to the requirements.

It is recommended to check brightness first because of its importance. Stadium lights are available in colors like cool white, white, and warm white. Buy a white stadium light is preferable because it will help light up the ground.

High Bay Lights

However, high bay lights are mostly used for indoor purposes but are not limited to indoor use. Also, their indoor use is not ordinary like that typical 12W LED bulb everyone uses in their homes. They are also used in some outdoor events.

High bay lights are very efficient, and high-intensity lights are mostly used in large warehouses where we need excellent lighting.

The large indoor areas such as gymnasiums, warehouses, and large stores need much more lighting. The ordinary lights can not fulfill the requirements for such places.

Therefore we use high bay lights to light up these areas. High Bay lights are mounted vertically downward on the ceiling. It provides maximum vision if mounted properly at a specific distance.

They need proper planning so there remains no awkward patch of light. These lights are expensive but worth it because they are not for use in homes or other small areas.

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