Spilling the Tea on All Things Real Estate in the UK

Living in London is becoming more and more popular by the year, and this year is no exception. Somebody across the world is looking to buy a home. Many seek properties for permanent residences, while others need a place for holiday or seasonal homes, places to stay while doing business.

London or the UK has the depth of culture and range of business opportunities. It is known for its outstanding education alternatives. Why wouldn’t anyone want to settle here even if they have to take a bad credit payday loan with guaranteed approval?

However, it is imperative to acknowledge the change in taxes on residential property in the recent year that the UK government has brought rather dramatically. These tax changes have burdened owning a residential property.

The government claims to have brought these changes to promote ownership and discourage indirect ownership. Yet it is thrilling to know that you own a property in the UK.

Steps to Buy a Residential Property in the UK

You can keep in mind the following steps before buying a property.


When you plan to own a property, it is essential to have a pragmatic grasp on your financial status. Get your finances intact before even looking for property. Meet a financial advisor to know your real financial status.

Your advisor will not only give you the exact idea of your finances but also will guide you to the amount you will need to own a property. You can always borrow the amount from a lender.

A lender can agree to a loan if you have all the essential credibility. Depending upon the loan amount solely should not be in practice. It is recommended to borrow no additional than 60-65 percent of your income.

Additional Expenditures

Most people make mistakes in calculating the correct price of the property but avoid additional expenses. These additional expenses are overwhelming if you have not counted them before.

So, calculate all the costs to avoid any unpleasant shocks later. A trained financial consultant can assist you in calculating the costs of buying the home of your dream in your budget in London:

  • Land Tax Stamp Duty
  • Legal fees and Surveyor/Valuation fee
  • Mortgage brokers and the mortgage arrangements fees
  • Costs of furnishing

List What You Desire in Your Property

Your broker will assist you in finding appropriate property according to your cravings. However, you won’t be happy until you have a clear idea of what you want. You must write down your requirements.

Answer the following questions:

  • How big your house should be?
  • Do you have a square meter in your mind?
  • What size of the kitchen will you be comfortable with?
  • What kind of amenities must you have?
  • What neighbourhood are you going to be comfortable with?
  • Are you seeking a home or an apartment?
  • Do you prefer an older home? Or do you want to own land and build your property?
  • Only if you have a clear idea should you move to the next step.

Begin your property search

You see, now you know what you can afford. Now you have clarity. Now you can begin to search for the property.

Meet a real estate agent, and register at some property portals to receive regular notifications on new homes. You can go online to track the property in the neighbourhood at your liked location.

You should not stick to your dream neighbourhood but try to explore the nearby regions. Sometimes nearby places can be very much cheaper and save you money.

It might get tiring to go to many open houses and visit many properties. Don’t buy the first one you saw, even if you like it. Explore other options. See as many properties as you can to have a better understanding.

Make a proposal

After you’ve decided on a property, you need to put down an offer to the seller. You may be required to show that you are capable of proceeding by presenting proof of the deposit funds and your residence.

It is better to have a lawyer or a legal advisor on standby. Have a conversation with your financial advisor before you make an offer. Don’t be upset if your first offer is rejected. There are numerous properties. You will find what you need.

Remember that you and the seller are both trying here.

Find a solicitor

Find an efficient and skilled solicitor. An expert solicitor will be an asset to your purchase and make the process as smooth as possible.

If all the criteria and requirements are met, you must now advise your solicitor to begin the conveyancing procedure. And simultaneously ask your mortgage broker to begin the application process as this will be time-consuming.

Valuation/ Survey and Mortgage Offer

If you apply for a loan or mortgage, a surveyor hired by the bank or lender will contact you to value your home. It will be good for you to know the proper condition of a house if you’re buying a finished house.

A surveyor will tell you about the foundation and life of the house and if it is an excellent investment to buy the property. Only after the survey/valuation is obtained, your bank will generally send you and your solicitor a formal mortgage offer.

If all things are right and agreed upon, you can sign the agreement.

Obtain insurance and sign the agreement.

Congratulations, you are the owner of your property, which you will turn into your dream home. However, things are not done yet, and you must ensure your property.

Talk to Insurance Services and be concerned about your prerequisites. Remember that any necessary insurance policies must begin with contract signing. A lot can happen within 24 hours.


Living in London is becoming increasingly popular, and 2022 is no exception. However, it is critical to note that the surcharge for residential property in the United Kingdom has transformed. Before you go out and buy a house, you need to ponder upon a few things.

Determine the type of home you desire. If all criteria and conditions are met, you must notify your solicitor to commence the conveyancing procedure. You must also get insurance and sign a contract, and your property must be insured.

Congratulations on your new property, which you will transform into your dream house.

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