In the romantic comedy, Sandra Bullock is one of the many queens of this genre, appearing in numerous romantic comedies throughout her long career.

One of Bullock’s most memorable romantic comedy films is 2009’s breakout success, The Proposal, which saw her playing opposite Ryan Reynolds as a high-powered book editor who fakes a proposal to the assistant (Reynolds) to try to avoid deportation to her home country of Canada. And who could forget Betty White’s dazzling performance in the role of Grandma Annie, the eccentric grandma of Reynolds, the character Andrew?

There’s never a better time to watch the 2009 smash; however, figuring out the best place to stream the movie is the first step. Netflix frequently being the first stop in their search but does the film stream on Netflix?

Is The Proposal on Netflix?

If you’re hoping to stream The Proposal on Netflix, we have a piece of negative information for you. Although Netflix is home to a variety of amazing romantic comedies, including the ever-growing number of original romantic comedies, you will not find The Proposal among Netflix’s extensive collection of films since the 2009 smash isn’t streaming on Netflix currently.

Although the film isn’t yet streaming through Netflix, it has been viewed previously on Netflix, which implies that there is an opportunity for the film to be re-released on Netflix at some point in the future should it obtain the streaming rights for the film.

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Where can you broadcast the Proposal in 2022?

If you’re at this point before the End of Day on December 31, 2021, you’ll have the opportunity to benefit from The Proposal on Amazon Prime with your Prime membership. If not, you’ll have to use your credit card to rent the film, as it won’t have an official streaming site in January. 1st, 2022, due to the film’s delisting out of Amazon Prime.

Source: Netflixlife

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