It was always that you had to find an agent and a publisher to publish a book and jump through several hoops to get it on the bookshelves. The whole process could take months or even years, and, in the end, the financial payoff was nominal. All this changed with the introduction of the eBook. For your understanding, an eBook is a book you can read on an electronic device like a computer, a phone, or an eBook reader (like Kindle or Kobo, etc.) According to an online survey conducted a few years ago, 55% of all online books sold were eBooks. Print books were far behind at 39%. This presents a massive opportunity for to-be authors.

Knowing how to format an eBook for publication is essential for the success of the author. Up until this point, your objective has been to write the best book you can. Now that you have achieved this goal, you are ready to take the next step toward publication.

eBook formatting is a standard process of design that turns your eBook’s images and text into an appealing layout for your readers to enjoy. Every writer must go through this step before they publish an eBook. eBook formatting is similar to printed book design and formatting, but unlike print book services, it focuses mainly on your book in the digital space. Standard formatting for eBooks features a dynamic layout for images and text to ensure your eBook looks flawless when viewed on every size and shape of a mobile, Reader, and tablet.

If you lack the skills to format your eBook for publishing on your own, fortunately, there are multiple eBook formatting services out there in the market that can do it for you. The best part is that converting your document into a professionally formatted eBook will not cost you an arm and a leg! You would not have to pay much to convert a basic eBook into multiple and popular formats.

Why eBooks?

  • Writing an eBook gives you the prospect of sharing your story with the world. Writing an incredible eBook proves you as someone who knows your story and is passionate about sharing it.
  • It is passive income. Selling an eBook is a fantastic way to write once and keep selling again and again.
  • Giving away a free eBook is an intelligent way to get people into your sales funnel. By offering them a free eBook, you can remain connected with them.
  • eBooks are faster and easier than print books as the barriers to writing and selling eBooks are low. There is little or no risk involved.

Ways of eBook Formatting for publishing

The method you choose for formatting your eBook depends on various factors, including your technical ability, your budget, and how much time you can spend on the process. Whatever works best for you should be your choice.

Below are the different ways to format your eBook for publishing.

  • Create a PDF eBook (free)-For a simple PDF, you can do this for free.
  • Use Calibre (free)- Calibre is a free eBook manager and conversion tool, allowing you to easily convert to any format. You must download the tool, upload your eBook, and select the format you wish to change.
  • Use Kindle Direct Publishing (free)- If you want to sell your eBook on, Kindle Direct Publishing is your go-to option for getting your file formatted and converted to AZW3 format.
  • Use Barnes and Noble Press- If you are interested in selling your eBook primarily on, check out their publishing tool called Barnes and Noble Press.
  • Use an eBook formatting tool like Vellum- For options to create multiple eBooks, Vellum should be your choice; however, it is a more expensive option.
  • Hire eBook formatting services for formatting your eBook for you.

How do you choose formatting services for eBooks?

There are so many factors that go into selecting the best eBook formatting services. The intricacy of your content may demand complex eBook formatting services. However, no matter what eBook formatting service you choose, your final goal is to provide the best reader experience possible. eBook formatting can directly impact your revenue and reviews. Your reader expects to be able to read the content instead of scrolling sideways or having to adjust their settings. Readers want to receive the eBook on their preferred device in a way that suits them. Therefore, selecting the best eBook formatting services is an important decision.

Professional eBook formatting services work to create a great-looking eBook that is unique and different. It is also enjoyable for its readers. eBook formatting services have the tools to provide their services in your desired format.

Role of a book designer

Book designers are experts who work on the physical appearance of your Book, be it printed or an eBook. This includes both the interior and the exterior of the book. They also profile the layout and font of the book and its text. Additionally, they select the type of paper suitable for your book.

Creative book designers usually follow the conventional order for the inner part of the book. Generally, the interior of eBooks is simpler than that of print books.

What to look for in a book designer?

You should hand-pick a creative book designer who is experienced. The design of your cover and graphics should be based on your genre, which a creative book design can easily ensure for you. Avoid hiring a designer who typically works outside your book’s genre since the graphics might not match your book’s tone if the designer is unable to comprehend the genre.

Although an experienced designer might be expensive, he would understand how the publishing industry works. Therefore, a professional and creative book designer would be a better choice. Ask the designer for a sample of their previous work. A creative book designer would have a portfolio of his earlier work for you to analyze. Be sure to ask the designers about the estimated timeline.


If you are ready to format your book, congratulations! This means you are nearing the finish line and have prepared yourself to start selling your eBook. We have covered you with most of the essential tips for formatting your eBook for publishing; however, you have still got options out there to consider for getting this task done by professional formatting services and book designers. You can start writing your eBook right away to share your story with the world.

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