Amazing Steps for Resolving the iPhone 14 Bugs By Mobile Solutions

You must be enjoying the release of the iPhone 14 which recently launched in the market, right? Of course, this is one of the most emerging technologies and people are purchasing it without any second thought. But many people are there who are experiencing the issues with their new iPhone 14 and according to them, there are so much glitches and bugs. Furthermore, users often complain that Apple is conveying a very positive image of their brand, particularly iPhone 14 and 14 pro max through the social media. 

I know this issue is not as big as people are portraying but having issue with the software, camera, and third-party apps can be a real problem. But don’t worry iPhone users, we got your back this article will discuss some problem-solving bugs by the cell phone repair store in Pensacola. So, let’s begin the show on the road. 

iPhone 14 Gets Freeze During the Data Transferring Procedure

Whenever you buy a new phone, the first thing you do is to transfer the data from old mobile phone to the new one. There are many people who get stuck while doing this procedure when they transfer the data from iPhone 14. According to the mobile solutions experts, iPhone 14 users experience this issue because this model gets freeze during the data transferring process. 

You can report this issues to the iCloud restore option when you are experiencing this glitch while transferring the data. luckily , Apple and the cell phone repair store in Pensacola suggest their customers to re-operate their mobile phons in such cases if it is unresponsive for more than five minutes. 

Clattering and Jolts of Camera

This is one of the most strange issues when your iPhone’s 14 cameras shake, vibrate, and ratting. Many people are there who are experiencing issues in the camera functionality of the iPhone 14 after they purchase it. The rear camera bottom have a lens that often shakes when they use it on the third-party apps for instance Snapchat, TikTok, Instagram, and Whatsapp. 

Sometimes it happens due to the high-resolution in the iPhone because it is unstable for the various social media platforms. Interestingly, some series of iPhone 14 have second-generation sensor that helps for the photo stabilization. The second-generation sensor reduces the shake of the camera but still, there is no truth behind this statement. 

Also, it is a fact that not every iPhone 14 user experience these issues but this camera problem occur on several conditions. Soon Apple will provide the permanent solution of this problem, until then, you can get help from the cell phone repair store in Pensacola for resolving this issue.

Problem in the iMessage & Facetime

Don’t get messages when you use the iPhone 14 or iPhone pro max? Or do you face difficulties in Facetime after purchasing the iPhone 14? Well, this is one of the most serious issues that one can point out and Apple recognized this problem after gettings lots of complains from their consumers. 

According to the cell phone repair store Pensacola, Apple suggest their consumers to update their iPhone to the new version of the iOS 16. Here are some issues that you can face in the iMessage and Facetime: 

  • You don’t get the notifications or receive any iPhone message or Facetime calls. 
  • The green bubble appear instead of the blue when you send the message to another iPhone. 
  • Always two threads appears whenever you start conversations on the iPhone 14. 
  • The receiver always see your email address whenever you share any number to the next person. 

Here are some solutions for resolving such problems: 

  • Open the setting application on your iPhone, click on the message option, and tap on the send and receive. 
  • Choose the phone number that where you want to talk on the message. 
  • Now go back to the settings again and select the Facetime and select the number for the facetime call. 

Unresponsive AirDrop

If you are an iPhone 14 user, you must be aware to the airdrop features and its importance. Also, you should know how much useful this feature for forwarding the photos, videos, and files to another iPhone. People often complain that their airdrop feature do not response properly on the iPhone 14 model. The “waiting” sign appear whenever they try to transfer any video, photos, or other things. Apple also noticed this issue from their users and they are finding the better solutions for this problem. 

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