Despite being well-known for its stunning beaches and tropical climate, Florida is also vulnerable to extreme weather events, such as hurricanes. Many homeowners use impact windows to shield their homes and occupants from nature’s wrath. We will dive into the world of impact windows in Florida in this in-depth guide, covering their characteristics, advantages, and the significance of choosing the best Florida windows and doors for your house.

Impact Windows: Florida’s Necessity

The coastal regions of Florida are especially susceptible to hurricanes, tropical storms, and strong winds. It is imperative that locals make the finest investments in home protection solutions given the adverse weather conditions. Impact windows are useful because traditional windows, although useful, might not be strong enough to withstand the forces of nature.

Hurricane windows, sometimes referred to as impact windows, are made especially to withstand strikes at high speeds and shield houses from severe weather. Because these windows are composed of impact-resistant materials like laminated glass, which is resistant to flying debris and strong winds, there is less chance that your property will be damaged, and your family members will be safe.

Impact Windows’ Advantages

  • Storm Protection: Impact windows’ main advantage is their capacity to keep storms out of your house. Regular windows can break during a hurricane or other strong storm, letting wind, rain, and debris inside your house. Impact windows, however, resist harm from these components because they stay unbroken.
  • Enhanced Security: Impact windows offer an additional degree of protection for enhanced security. You can feel secure knowing that any intruders will find it far more difficult to enter your property thanks to their reinforced construction.
  • Energy Efficiency: Impact windows can save your energy costs and provide superior insulation. They improve the comfort and economy of your home by keeping the warm air out in the winter and the cold air in the summer.
  • UV Protection: Impact windows shield your flooring and furniture from damaging UV rays, which can deteriorate them over time. Installing these windows will help you maintain the high standard of your interior design.
  • Noise Reduction: Reduced external noise makes for a calmer, more tranquil living environment thanks to impact windows. This is particularly helpful in crowded cities or close to construction sites.

Choosing the Best Florida Doors and Windows

It’s critical to get the best Florida windows and doors for your house now that you know how important impact windows are. When making your decision, take into account the following factors:

  • Materials: Fibreglass, vinyl, and aluminium are just a few of the materials that can be used to create impact windows. When choosing a material, take your preferences and local climate into account. Each material has distinct qualities of its own.
  • Style & Design: Impact windows are available in a variety of designs and styles that go well with the exterior of your house. Select a design that offers the necessary protection and blends well with your current architectural style.
  • Energy Efficiency: Seek out windows with excellent ratings for energy efficiency. Your utility bills can be lowered and your energy consumption can be decreased with these windows.
  • Impact Resistance: Examine the windows you are thinking about’s impact resistance ratings. Higher scores denote better storm and impact protection.
  • Professional Installation: It is imperative that you have your impact windows professionally installed if you want to guarantee their effectiveness. Making the most of your investment can be facilitated by a reputable contractor like FHIA Remodelling who specialises in impact window installation.


Florida homeowners who want to shield their houses and loved ones from severe weather should install impact windows. They are a smart investment because of its many advantages, which include improved security, storm protection, energy efficiency, UV protection, and noise reduction. Choose the appropriate Florida windows and doors for your house by taking into account aspects like construction, style, impact resistance, energy efficiency, and the value of expert installation.

Go to FHIA Remodelling to guarantee the best impact windows and doors for your Florida house. The company you can rely on to keep your house safe and secure is FHIA Remodelling, because to their years of experience and dedication to quality. Impact windows are a proactive way to safeguard your house and family; don’t wait for the next storm to arrive. Every expense is worthwhile when it comes to your security and comfort.

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