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Some toothpastes contain charcoal to help clean your teeth. In recent years, charcoal has been used in toothpastes and rinses. Charcoal is a natural, active ingredient that can be found in some of the products in your kitchen. Toothpastes with a high percentage of charcoal are actually too strong for your teeth. A good natural toothpaste with charcoal should be about 1/2 teaspoon per 8 ounces of water.

2) I’m not sure that charcoal toothpaste is effective

The problem is that charcoal is only active when mixed with other ingredients in a paste. If you look at a toothpaste, you’ll see that it is usually about twice as thick as normal toothpaste. The first ingredient is Charcoal toothpaste water, and the next is the thickener—which means it isn’t the charcoal. So you would only be using about 1/4th as much charcoal as you think. The charcoal may help to reduce plaque, but you wouldn’t be getting enough to be effective.

You can buy a natural toothpaste. There are plenty of these available, including products with flax seed oil. These are safe and can be found at your local drug store.

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