The Ollie is a well-behaved boy with his backpack and looks like a complete pleasure traveling.

One viral video is an owner packing their bags for an adventure before the camera pans towards him, sitting in the awe-inspiringly-but sad-looking way with his backpack in his mouth. He’s keen to join the trip with him, too.

Thankfully, the dog owner could hear the internet’s collective “Take him with you!” In A TikTok, The following day, his pet is willing to help him pack the backpack when she doesn’t know where he’s headed. So what does he require?

Then, he exits the room to search for his beloved toy Perry the platypus, the first to get into the backpack. “Anyone else?” his human is asking. Yup! Another plush doll, come in, Dexter. The toy owner adds some snacks, and he’s ready to go.

Outside in the open, leashed, and wearing a backpack (so adorable), Ollie has to take his pet to the place he’s always wanted to go for so long. Unfortunately, Ollie’s owner believes they know where the hound is headed, and he’s off:

“He’s packed his bags to come and live with Nanny Biscuits,” she adds.

Nanny Biscuits is a great name. It’s like Ollie’s grandmother. She’s delighted to offer Ollie some treats after his long, thrilling journey. She tells him, “You can come and live with me anytime you like.” Similar to Ollie (if you are ever living in Iowa).

The video has received an impressive 11.5 million views; however, it’s not as popular as the videos he received as a surprise Christmas present. The family he was with made him a swinging stick, and I’m pretty sure he loves it.

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