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Tips for Women’s Clothing Display

Women's Clothing Display

Display plays a vital role in the sales of goods and the operation of stores, especially in women’s clothing stores. The storefront display full of beauty and art can not only facilitate consumers to choose clothing accessories but also stimulate their desire to buy. And it will help to enhance the store’s image and increase sales. Save with ASOS discount code nhs

So, if you want to do a good job in women’s clothing display, you must first do the following:

The method of scientific grouping

Most women’s clothing stores operate a wide variety of commodities, ranging from dozens to hundreds. They want to use rich commodity types to expand service coverage, attract a wider range of consumers and increase transaction rates. However, if many commodity types are not classified scientifically, the store will become very cluttered and bring customers a strong sense of cheapness.

How to group scientifically? In fact, it is to group categories according to some rational logic, so that grouping will form a sense of regularity. When customers are shopping, they can follow the rules and shop more conveniently.

Scientific groupings can be divided into the following categories:

  •  Color grouping: It is the most effective and basic method to create a visual impact with the product’s color, and it can be applied to all types of products.
  •  Price grouping: Just group the products of the same price into a group and sell them so that customers have more choices at this price.

Moreover, in this way, the price distinction of the products of Uniqlo, which originally had a large number of products, became very clear and gave customers very clear instructions so that customers would not have a choice confusion on the price.

  •  Style grouping: Similar styles can be divided into groups, such as OL style as a group, sports style as a group, and home-style as a group. This is very clear, and it is easy for customers to make joint purchases in it.

Regular adjustment and transformation

Clothing stores are dealing with fashion products and must keep up with the trend. Every time there is a gust of fashion, the appearance of the fashion store should be completely new.

If the products have not changed much, you can make some changes in the display, decoration, and decoration, which can also make the store a new look to attract customers.

It is not only to keep up with the trend, the seasons change, and stores should make corresponding adjustments and changes when new products are launched to highlight the products.

Cycle repetition

Remember, the display of goods is not done once and for all but needs to be adjusted frequently. Some clothing styles may be placed in a certain position for too long, and no one cares due to the influence of light and surrounding styles.

At this time, they can be exchanged positions and recombine with other styles of clothing, which will create a new style of matching and increase the chance of selling the item.

Joint sales

Putting together a series of products needed by the same type of consumer object, or putting together frequently matched styles, can facilitate customer purchasing matching products. This method of combining product sales is called joint sales, also known as product combination.

For example, products such as hats, scarves, sweaters, gloves, shoes, bags, etc., are combined and placed together so customers can easily buy a set when purchasing.

Use more models to display products

As the most important display prop in the store display, the model occupies a large area, is very eye-catching in the store, and is an important magnet for attracting customers.

At the same time, the wearing of models is the carrier that can best reflect the effect of clothing matching because it conforms to the actual wearing state of consumers and has a strong sense of substitution, which allows consumers to more intuitively imagine their own wearing effects.

Therefore, under the condition that the storage space is sufficient, models should be used as much as possible for product display. 

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