Do you know the real potential of custom cannabis oil boxes for your cannabis products? If you are in the cannabis business, you must know their importance to stand out in the market. The cannabis industry is gaining high popularity after the legalization of it. They become more famous after lots of research that shows that. They can cure many diseases.

The cannabis industry is facing many challenges nowadays. Many new brands are coming towards this business; some have been working for ages. This gives a variety to customers. Now they have a wide range of choices. To keep them stand on your cannabis products, choose the custom boxes. Today we will discuss all the essential details that must be kept in notice for customization.

Sturdy and Premium Quality Material for Cannabis Oil Packaging

The quality of the material directly influences the durability of inside items. As these oils come in glass or plastic jars, they need durable packaging to save them from damage. The glass jars are very fragile if they get any jerk. It may become a cause of the loss of your oils. Therefore, robust packaging material is needed to retain them for a long time. The cardboard and kraft materials come with lots of trustworthiness. These materials offer sustainable cannabis packaging. They are durable, inexpensive, and reusable.

In addition, the rigid and corrugated material also ensures product safety. The corrugated material is best if you want to deliver your oil jars from industry to retailer. It can withstand all harsh weather conditions. Moreover, their double wall also decreases the chances of any breakage during travel.

Use the latest techniques for the best display.

Do you focus on presenting your custom-printed cannabis oil boxes to generate more sales? It is the vital perspective that a retailer always wants in their product packaging. If your product cannot impress the buyer with its looks. Then customers don’t go to purchase it. Cannabis oils have great importance in the market. You can follow the latest trends to outshine all the rivals.

Multiple styles enhance the whole outlook of cannabis products. Such as the window die-cut boxes. They make it easy for your products to come in the eyes of customers. When they visit any brand and find them on shelves. They did not remain unnoticed. You can also choose display packaging that is very useful in retail. Besides this, many other styles that can bring innovation to your packaging are customizable.

More brand visibility

Showcase your cannabis oils with incredibly crafted custom cannabis counter display boxes when you print your brand logos, slogans, and names on the packaging. It becomes so helpful for product recognition in the crowd. Many customers want to get branded products. They don’t go towards the local products. That’s why printing your brand name on these boxes can boost your sales at a high level.

Branding is a crucial part of becoming prominent. If you cannot promote your products efficiently, how will customers get knowledge of your product quality? Custom packaging allows you to take the right turn in advertising your products. You can customize an impressive slogan to get the customer’s attention. Moreover, multiple embellishments enhance the logo’s appearance.

  • Foil stamping
  • Embossing
  • Debossing
  • Spot UV

Informative packaging to facilitate customers

As mentioned above, cannabis oils have many medical benefits. It increases their demand in the market. Many potential customers need to learn these benefits. You can print all this vital information on custom cannabis oil boxes. It will attract people to your products. Similarly, the colorful printing also appeals to the customers from a distance.

In this era, no one wants to buy any product mindlessly. People have become more conscious. They pay keen attention to all the information. So, when they get your packaging informative, it leaves a good impression on them. Also, your custom boxes are the canvas for drawing any relevant image or theme. The vivid and colorful themes make your products more elegant on shelves.

You can laminate the whole box to save these prints from any moisture. The gloss lamination will add more shine to the packaging. Similarly, matte and aqueous coatings also make the surface smooth.  

Packaging can be done in cheap.

People need clarification about the customized packaging. Many think it is much more expensive, so they don’t come towards it. However, you can set your budget and customize the cannabis oil boxes at wholesale rates. It will facilitate you in your short budget and also save you from reordering situations.


Finally, iCustomBoxes provides premium quality cannabis oil boxes that set your products apart from others. The brand logos and colorful printing make your product packaging more informative. You can get cheap prices at wholesale rates. Moreover, we also entertain our customers with free design services and shipping as well.


Q;1 What is the minimum quantity to order cannabis oil boxes?

Our minimum quantity of order for cannabis is a hundred boxes.

Q;2 Do you customize cannabis oil boxes in eco-friendly material?

Yes, our cardboard and kraft material is durable and eco-friendly. 

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