Top 5 Ufone Internet Packages – Complete Detail

Ufone Internet Packages: The UFONE (PTCL) Telecommunications Company Limited in Pakistan offers a wide range of cost-effective, high-quality Internet packages. Customers select one that fits seamlessly to their needs.

All packages vary by quantity, weight, validity, and subscription method. You can also use Ufone Call Packages free of charge, together with net packages.

Ufone is a large and well-known company but still has to upgrade to a 4G network. New developments are expected from customers too. Ufone Regular Internet Packages are intended to offer their esteemed customers trustworthy services by providing free social packages like Facebook, WhatsApp, etc.

Top 5 Ufone Internet Packages

Ufone Power Hour Bundle

  • Subscription Fee: Rs. 7.17 Incl. Tax
  • PTCL & U to U Minutes: 60 minutes
  • Free SMS: 60s SMS
  • Internet: 60 MBs
  • Duration: Next 1 Hour
  • How to Subscribe: Dial *99#
  • To Check Remaining Bundle: Dial *707#

Ufone Mega Daily 3G Package

  • Subscription Fee: Rs. 15 Incl. Tax
  • Internet: 2 GB
  • Duration: 1 Day
  • How to Subscribe: Dial *550# or *3#
  • To Check Remaining Bundle: Dial *706#

Weekly Super Internet Package

  • Subscription Fee: Rs. 100 Incl. Tax
  • Internet: 1 GB
  • Duration: 7 Day
  • How to Subscribe: Dial *220# or *3#
  • To Check Remaining Bundle: Dial *706#

Ufone Weekly Internet Plus Plan

  • Subscription Fee: Rs. 175 Incl. Tax
  • Internet: 3 GB
  • Duration: 7 Day
  • How to Subscribe: Dial *260#
  • To Check Remaining Bundle: Dial *706#

Ufone Monthly Max Bundle

  • Subscription Fee: Rs. 1000 Incl. Tax
  • Internet: 10 GB + 2 GB Social Media
  • Duration: 30 Days
  • How to Subscribe: Dial *3350#
  • To Check Remaining Bundle: Dial *706#

About Ufone Network

We are now viewing Ufone Web packages such as Ufone 3G Site packages. The moving service provider in Pakistan is Pakistan Mobile Telecom Limited (PTML) or Ufone. In 2001 UFONE was established as a wholly-owned subsidiary by Pakistan Telecom Company Limited (PTCTL).

After the privatization of PTCL in 2006, Ufone became part of Etisalat. It has over 24 million subscribers in 10,000 locations throughout Pakistan and network coverage.

3G is applied to mobile phones, as used to be the mobile phone. Ufone makes life easier for you at this ever-changing and fast-moving time in a highly affordable way with its numerous 3G mobile Ufone Internet Packages.

Ufone’s slogan is “Tum Hi To Ho.” It means that Ufone continues to be concerned with its customers and provides services at fair prices, and improves these packages to be easier for customers.

Write only a *3# on your 2G/3G tool and select your mobile internet buckets at the best and the affordable rate! On this page, you will check all packages of Ufone 3G 2016.

The net bundle of Ufone contains 3G offers broken down into three periods: regular, weekly, and monthly. Ufone users will receive a social package free of charge. These free social packages offer unlimited Facebook & WhatsApp access.

Terms & Conditions

Conditions and Conditions apply

  • Ufone Net is available, please Go 4g Ufone official bundles.
  • Call 333 packages for further queries *124# Call 332 for balancing. In any case, offers may be changed.
  • Thus, the charge/recharge is subject to a 12.5 percent holding tax.
  • The standard rate is Rs.2 per MB+ Internet usage tax. Loading the pulses is 512 KB.
  • Finally, without proper documentation, SIMs are a crime – PTA.
  • Unwanted and unreasonable messages may report 9000-PTA by text, in particular.

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