Top 6 Tips to Set the Perfect Console Table for Your Living Room

Set up an enticing living area with elegantly designed and laid console tables. Lately, console tables are figuring among the top sellers. They are placed at the entry points, hinting at the guests about what they can expect in the other parts of the house. Set a tone for your house with a carefully chosen series of console tables. For that, you need to know what’s in trend and what’s not in the console table market.

Top 6 Tips for Selecting a Console Table

Here, we will reveal the top 6 tips for selecting a console table for your living room.

Console Tables Stacked To Walls

Console tables are supported to the walls because they look best that way. For solitary furniture, you can have a pair of curio cabinets on either side to grace the console table. This way, you can highlight the flat countertop of the console without making the space look ugly.

Shapes To Play With

If someone just told you console tables are available in only square and rectangular shapes, they are grossly wrong. Contemporary designers play with the margin of creating symmetrical and asymmetrical consoles so that they can fit into modern home designs. If you have a small apartment, you can still fit in a console at the entry without compromising on the look.

Mirrors or Glasses

There are two major family lines of console tables. One comes with glasses, while the other designs have mirrors. Since the console tables stand on two legs, supported by the wall, getting mirrors is safe only when you have screwed or bolted the table to the wall.

Colour is The Key Too:

Though console tables often hide away in the corners and remote spaces that are often overlooked, they still significantly impact the ambiance. If you have a mismatched colored console table, your room will look tacky and cluttered. Get a console table made of the same material as that of your cabinet and dining table.

If you have a themed living space, it is safe to go with dark-colored coffee or espresso, with no glasses or minimal bling. Light-colored tables are completely out of trend, and we don’t see a point in recommending them to you either.

The Cutouts

Some designers are cutting out the need for a dining table and introducing the new trend of consoles made of recycled wooden diners. You can add these futuristic console tables in the living room behind the Leather Sectional Sofas or alongside the TV rack to keep those fabulous collections of novels, comics, and of course, the odd vase. It is cheap and retains the best aspects of carpentry.

Do You Need Storage?

It all depends on how you want to feel about a rather unconventional-looking two-legged table. Putting in storage helps as far as a small house goes, but when you overload the table with extra utilities, you may lose the charm.

However, you can add some bling and, of course, lighting. Fixed lamps go well with the console tables, and you can have them not just in the living room but also in the bedroom.

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