In today’s time, everything is uncertain. It is not new if a passenger wants to change or cancel his ticket. Because the reason can be anything, in such a scenario, the airline must have made adjustments to provide its passengers with the best services. That’s why every airline governs changes in flight schedules and ticket cancellations through different policies. Likewise, Southwest Airlines also has its flight change policy that helps travelers to modify their tickets. 

This Southwest Airlines cancellation policy or flight change policy can be complex to understand. But once you go through them thoroughly, you can execute the process of change or cancellation quickly. So, you can find a critical aspect of the Southwest flight change policy here. 

A Quick Brief on Southwest Flight Change Policy

Southwest Airlines always stands above the competition in the aviation industry. It provides a comfortable and unique experience to its passengers, which is why they keep choosing Southwest. It never disappoints its travelers. 

Southwest’s flight change policy assists travelers with ticket modifications. Before moving with the flight change process, you should look at the following rules:

  • Southwest Airlines doesn’t charge any change fee if you want to modify your flight details like date, time, and destination. However, you must deposit the fare difference. 
  • A passenger can request same-day changes up to two hours before the scheduled departure. If you fail to request the changes within the specified time, you need to cancel the flight. If something like that happens, you can find the Southwest Airlines cancellation policy on our website at Flying Rules. 
  • In case of a schedule change, a passenger has the option to choose the amended flight itinerary or an alternate flight within 14 days of the scheduled departure. Further, you can cancel the trip without paying the penalty and get a full refund in your original form of payment.
  • A traveler can modify the Southwest flight on the same day of departure without paying any fee. 
  • If you want to change the particulars of your flight within 24 hours of purchase, you can do it without paying a change fee. 

How to Change Southwest Flight Details?

Southwest flight change policy provides various methods for changing ticket details. A traveler can use any of the modes at their convenience. The process of changing the flight is quite straightforward. It is because Southwest aims to offer comfort to its travelers. If you choose to change the flight online, here are the following steps that you must follow:

  • First – Search for the Southwest official website in your browser.
  • Second – Log in to your Southwest account.
  • Third – Reach the “Manage Reservations” section.
  • Fourth – On that tab, you can modify or cancel your reservation.
  • Fifth – Fill in your details like confirmation number, first and last name, etc.
  • Sixth – Press on the “Continue” button and move with the edit option. 
  • Seventh – Tap on to select a different flight.
  • Eighth – Continue with the Purchase option.
  • Ninth – Pay the fare difference, if any.
  • Last – You will receive a confirmation email at your registered address.

What is the Southwest Flight Change Policy?

The best part of Southwest Airlines’ services is that it doesn’t charge any change fee for flight change for both domestic and international. If last-minute changes pop up, don’t worry.

With the help of Southwest’s flight change policy, you can apply any kind of change. This way, you can make modifications to your flight stress-free. However, a traveler must pay the fare difference for flight change, if any. 

For example, if your new flight is much more expensive than your existing flight, you need to pay the fare difference. 

Final Thoughts on Southwest Flight Change Policy

Southwest Airlines is a prominent air carrier in the United States of America. It looks after the needs of its travelers and provides them with lenient services.

Whether it’s a flight change, name change, or cancellation, Southwest Airlines offers flexibility in everything. If you have a Southwest flight and want to implement a few changes, you can do it comfortably. 

With the help of Southwest flight change policy, a passenger can execute the necessary changes in the ticket. After going through this post, if there is still any confusion, you can connect with Flying Rules at +1-800-865-1848. Our travel experts can assist you throughout the process of flight change. 

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