Wavlink AX1800 Wifi Extender Blinking RED LED

The wavlink AX1800 wifi extender supports the latest wireless standard 80MHZ and 802.11ax (wifi 6) for beetle capacity and regulations.

The device provides you with Simultaneous Dual-Band Streaming. Its frequency is 2.4GHz (574 Mbps), and 5G(1200Mbps) speeds up. 

The large area network. Connect a seamless mesh network with the compatible WiFi Mesh router. As well as the WAVLINK router, this device has two high-speed Ethernet ports, with a high-speed network experience. 

The advanced target weak Time resource technology reduces electricity consumption. The device is compatible to connect with any advanced technology router or modem.

The wavlink company built a smart signal indicator in this extender, so you automatically detect this device. You get three smart modes as well to connect multiple devices.

How to connect the WL-WN583AX1 repeater with a router in easy mesh agent mode?

You can connect your wavlink AX1800 wifi extender with the router without using a PC or mobile to attach it; see the below information.

Make sure: if there is an ethernet cable in the router, disconnect it, and, after joining the device with the router again, plug it into ap.setup of the extender.

  • First, power on the wavlink AX1800 wifi extender and router. Note:(move the extender near the router when you connect the devices.)
  • Next, you press and hold the WPS button of the mesh router for 20 seconds.
  • After that, release it.
  • Now you need to push it on the wavlink AX1800 wifi extender in just 30 seconds after pressing it on the router.
  • Then if there is a green indicator flesh, the devices will connect.

Wired method for configuring the wavlink wifi repeater with the computer;

Ensure that a USB port is connected to the router, then unplug it. 

  • Plug the wavlink AX1800 wifi extender switch into the electrical outlet.
  • Then connect the ethernet LAN to any LAN port of the computer.
  • After that, plug in the other side of it. Into the ethernet port of the repeater.
  • Now, wait for your computer and the extender to be connected.
  • Afterwards, go to the wifi list and find the wavlink AX1800 wifi extender SSID of the device and connect it.

What should you do to log into the wavlink AX1800 wifi extender on your PC?

  1. Open the internet browser on our computer.
  2. Type the http.//wifi.wavlink. Com or IP address of your repeater in the URL.

Note: (you use only for this IP

  1. After that, you select the language.
  2. Next, the admin page is displayed in a few seconds.
  3. Now type the username and password “admin” in the filer.
  4. Then you tap ok on the login option.
  5. Finally, the device easily logs in; if you want to set up your device, configure the wavlink AX1800 wifi extender. 

Why the wavlink extender flesh LED indicators?

You get different LED light indicator colours in your wavlink AX1800 wifi extender. The indicators show the different statuses of your repeater. 

  1. If the indicator is solid green, your extender extends the boost network. And work properly. To check the extender statute, you can visit Myrepeater.net and check it.
  2. The red indicator shows the weak signals of the device. You need to move the repeater to a different location in this situation.
  3. A solid orange LED shows the “repeat is booting,” and you can rest the device. For resetting it. Find the reset button on it. Then press and hold it for 30 seconds. If this process does not work, try using a TFTP procedure to transfer new firmware into the repeater.

Why is the wavlink AX1800 extender not working?

This issue has so more caused by several factors, such as network security mismatch, wireless interference, network security mismatch, wireless security mode mismatch, etc.

if the repeater can’t connect to the router network, the device needs to reset, and you also need to identify the router’s IP address and change the setting of your repeater and router. 

You can also try to reboot the router and rescan it. Again for rebooting, you may unplug the extender from the electrical outlet for 5 to 6 minutes and again plug it. I hope this process is used fully for you.

You can also get more details when you read out the manuals. We are also available for any kind of solution. Thanks for reading this.

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