Are you into the garment business? It is the leading industry of the current era and has a high demand. With such competition in the market, you need to bring something unique to the customers. How will you make it do so? You can come up with customized clothing designs that can’t be found in ordinary stores.

Customized clothing is the new trend that people of every age love. You can consider designing and printing your t-shirts. This might seem complex if you think of it as printing one t-shirt. If you want to continue it for a longer duration, or business, there are different printing methods you can choose to do.

What are the Norms for Choosing Printing Methods?

Fortunately, there are numerous printing options available. It depends on your needs to which method you can choose that meets your requirements. There is a difference in delivered quality when discussing different printing methods.

What are the Factors that Should be Considered When Choosing a Method?

● Fabric Comparability: Every printing method has different fabric pair-ups. Take an example of a thick cotton t-shirt; the method used is dye sublimation Kelowna because it will wreck it. For every fabric type, you should check which method suits it best.

● Production Speed: Choose the method that delivers fast results for bulk orders. The slow method will delay your deadline and give nothing other than disappointment. One method can be suitable for a single order, while the other is good for bulk orders. Keep an eye on this before making a decision.

● Pricing: Pricing is another factor that differs for every printing method. If you have a limited budget, choose an economical option that doesn’t expense you much. If you want to experiment at home, there will be a cost of additional equipment and supplies. Once you are done with calculations, figure out your revenues to choose the perfect printing method.

Screen Printing

The screen printing fabric does not fade with time; you will find the same appeal on the garment even after years. It is also known as silkscreen printing, which ensures the copy of every good design. This is a common method to be used due to the best results delivered.

Best for – Screen printing is known for high-quality results; it is not ideal for all types of printing fabric. This process works well for bulk orders as the stencil can be used again. It is a preferred choice of big companies who need the shirts in bulk. How it works is one color for every screen. However, multicolor is also possible but not ideal for complicated designs.

Pros and Cons – Describing the pros of screen printing assures high-quality results and is great for large orders. The results are durable and work quickly in case a single design is used. About the cons, it is not well for complex and small orders. It can be pricey, so not for one with a limited budget.

Dye Sublimation

This method is best when we think of considerable and complicated designs. A covered printed t-shirt is likely to be produced with this method. The main point is the fabric type, as this process only works for light fabrics. The common fabric is polyester, but it does not work for cotton.

Best For – The dye sublimation t-shirt printing Kelowna is perfect when you want to print the whole shirt. But the fabric should be light, remember that. You can also use it if you have a unique multicolor design. The result will be a long-lasting design.

Pros and Cons – About the pros, it works great for large designs with long-lasting results. You can use it for unlimited colors & patterns. The drawback is that it works only on light fabrics and can be costly for smaller orders. Not all the parts of t-shirts will get covered with sublimation printing.


Modern technology has brought up many t-shirt printing options, each with different features that suit your garment needs. While some methods deliver high-quality designs, others offer an economical approach. You can show your creativity in the designs by using different colors and patterns to get the desired result.

It would help if you took care of the color and fabric before choosing a printing method. Also, ensure that the t-shirt color and fabric are consistent with a specific printing method. This plays a key role as it affects the outcome.

All you need to do is prepare to print your favorite design on the t-shirt and follow the proper instructions if you want to get the best results. Take help from a professional, if necessary.

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