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What are the LTE Data Settings of the TPlink TL MR6400 Router?

TPlink TL MR6400 Router

The TPlink TL MR6400 Router is a strong and powerful wireless broadband router. As the name says, it is not just a simple wifi router but it needs a 4G SIM card from any network and it still works flawlessly with any network connection. You need to directly insert a 4G/LTE SIM card and it is a built-in modem that wirelessly connects through fast-moving mobile broadband networks. The primary way to access the network is to set up the network connection properly with your home network. As it looks sleek yet powerful, user-friendly as well with the web user interface via the TP-Link tethering app.

Also, you require parental control along with putting the bandwidth limits on the network connection so that you need to turn on the tl mr6400 router mode. Well, the tp-link app makes this process easier and effective. As you can achieve the downloading speed of 150 Mbps so now you can freely share 4G network with multiple devices without interruption of the bugs and the dead spots.

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Wireless Network Settings of the TPlink TL MR6400 Router

As you know that you can take the device anywhere, anytime with you because it is compatible. Hence, it connects to the mobile wifi connection. So that you get network access every time or whenever you need it. Moreover, the TP-Link router-modem allows you to enjoy streaming 4K HD videos. It also allows quick file transfer with multiple wifi devices at the same time. In the network setting of the TPlink TL MR6400 Router, you will find under four submenus as LTE Dial-up, data settings, PIN management, or LAN connection. To configure the settings of the device simply click any of them.

TL-MR6400 Router Network Settings into the LTE Dial-up Connection

First, you need to click on the network icon and then you find LTE Dial-up network connection into the submenu of the Network. Now you can configure the dial-up settings of the router on this page. You can check the settings of the connection status, mobile data, data roaming, network mode. Also check profile name, PDP type, APN type, username or password, and the Authentication type and CHAP network settings. Simply tap on the delete button to delete the user profile, tap on the create button to create a new user profile, and click on the save button to save the settings of the router.

TP-Link Wireless Router and its LTE Data Settings 

You know that you will find the LTE Data settings submenu option under the network settings of the tp-link router. Basically, you can check the monthly or total data used. Now click on the correct to put the correct information about the data. The data limit is in which either you can enable or disable the function. You can also set the usage alert or data quota.

You can also set the total amount of monthly data to be used and when it exceeds its limit then it will send you a notification. In case you want to change the limit then open the internet browser and enter tplinkrepeater.net into the location bar. Also, you can check the monthly static data in which you can also reset the data traffic. And a start date, if you enable this option then you receive empathy used data information. If disabled then you won’t receive any such information. Hence save the settings.

PIN Management of the TP-Link TL-MR6400 Router

In the PIN Management section, you can find SIM Card status, PIN management, PUK, remaining attempts, auto-unlock PIN mode as well. If the current status of the PIN is disabled then you can enable it to make the settings take effect. In case, you want to modify the PIN. Then first you need to enter the current PIN so that you get access to alternate the device. Again visit the page to check the SIM current status.

LAN Network Settings

As you know that into the LAN network settings, you can simply configure the IP parameters of the LAN page. The MAC address is to check the physical address of the LAN ports. Also, its value cannot be changed at any cost. The IP address that you need to enter while accessing the tp-link router login page is The subnet mask is the address code that determines the size of the connection to the network. Well, it is


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