What Companies Look for in JavaScript Developers?

Javascript is going strong every year, reaching greater heights. It’s because JS has a large group of libraries and frameworks that makes the job of a developer much easier.

There are 1.4 million libraries for web developers to make applications.

According to Stack Overflow, Javascript is the most popular programming language in developers’ communities.

most popular programming languages

Even JS frameworks like React.js, Vue.js, Angular, Express, and jQuery are the top 5 frameworks for developing applications.

Now you realize the talent pool for Javascript developers is quite vast, but how do companies ensure to hire the right people for their software development company?

So here are a few things that large corporations look for when hiring JS developers.

The Top Companies Look for:

Technical Expertise

Of course, any employer first wants to test a programmer’s technical expertise. It may vary a lot due to the experience required for a job. But generally, a JS developer will be tested for string manipulation, array manipulation, error handling, etc.

Example questions:

  • How do you use timers in Javascript?
  • How to change the class/style of an element?
  • Which keywords are used to handle exceptions?
  • Types of errors in Javascript?
  • How to assign object properties?
  • What is Strict mode, and how to enable it?

These are just a few examples; however, an employer will ask different questions depending upon their knowledge, requirements, and seniority level of the job position.

Their goal is to find the right developer for their company, and if you want that golden opportunity, you should be prepared to answer all the questions. (Or maybe most of them).

Communication Skills

It’s good if you like the small talk, but if you don’t, that is fine. But we are not talking about those conversations here anyway.

Just as communication skills are essential for marketing and salespeople, they are also necessary for developers.

A developer must be able to explain the problems or solutions effectively. Otherwise, misunderstandings and confusion might arise.

That’s why a Javascript developer must possess strong communication skills.

Kind of questions they may ask to assess soft skills:

  • Your CTO asks to change the code, but you disagree with their decision. How would you respond?
  • Have you ever taken the initiative to change the direction of a project?
  • Suppose you find an error in the code of a senior; how would you tell them to rectify it?
  • Do you prefer to work in a team or independently?
  • How would you explain an error to your team lead or a client?

Critical Thinking and Problem Solving

You must understand the true definition of a software developer if you are one yourself.

A programmer is someone who creates solutions for problems.

It means they should be critical thinkers and problem solvers when they work. You may know better than anyone else that errors and issues occur while doing your job.

A programmer who thinks critically finds a solution more quickly than someone who views a problem from one angle.

That’s why most established companies hire top talent and pay them handsome salaries according to their skill level.

Passion for Javascript

When corporations are looking to hire Javascript developers, they want them to be passionate about JS.

The Javascript programming language continuously evolves with new technologies, trends, and frameworks.

A Javascript developer who is passionate about their work keeps improving their knowledge and expertise.

And someone just doing a job to earn money might stay behind in the long run.

Furthermore, someone who may start at a beginner level may become a senior-level developer one day, so they will be more suitable for a mentor role if they are passionate about their work.

Team Players

When you work for a company, they want team players who help each other. A Javascript programmer must have a collaborative spirit to support their team members.

Even if someone is a full-stack developer, it doesn’t mean they will do the whole task alone; there are dependencies when working with others.

Software agencies can only succeed when there is a good team synergy among all the team members. And that’s the reason why they look for people who will help their co-workers, working towards achieving mutual goals together.

Average Javascript Developer Salary

Knowing your worth is of utmost importance when searching for your ideal Javascript developer job.

But the salaries for Javascript developers vary greatly depending on a company’s budget, experience, and skill level.

Average Javascript Developer Salary

The average salary of a Javascript developer:

The average salary ranges from $90,000/yr to $120,000/

More experienced JS developers can make up to $150,000

In hourly rates:

Low — $30

Med — $50

High — $70

Here, your salary negotiation can do wonders if you know what others are being paid with the same skills and experience.

Furthermore, the age of a candidate might play a role here. According to the Stack Overflow survey we mentioned earlier, the average age group of programmers is 24–35.

But many of the developers nowadays are under 18 as well. So, they might not be paid as their elder fellow developers because of various factors, like most of them might be living with their families.

Although, good companies will value them according to the skills and expertise those young developers possess in Javascript.

Conclusion: Work on What Matters!

I have shared what companies are looking for from the JS developers.

Each company is also looking for different skills and expertise in various frameworks. You must decide what you are good at and find the right job according to your area of expertise.

Keep in mind that when the HR departments of companies are hiring, they do not look for JS expert’s skills but their abilities as a person too. So focus on both your passion for Javascript and your grooming.

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