Parents are always worried when choosing the best school for their kids. Whether it’s the training provided in the schools, the curriculum followed by them, or safety parameters, there are quite a few factors to be kept in mind.

As more schools open up, parents get even more confused regarding which one is the best. Some parents are considering their kids to an Abu Dhabi Indian school. If you are one such parent, this article will offer you some guidance and help you gain some knowledge.

Is the Curriculum Built from a Global Perspective? 

The first thing that you should consider is the curriculum of the school. It should be designed keeping in mind that students might be willing to continue their future education in the world’s top universities.

Therefore, the school should follow a blend of Indian and international curricula. It will ensure that students get a taste of different cultures worldwide.

Try looking for an Abu Dhabi Indian school with a CBSE curriculum. It will ensure that your kid is introduced to a plethora of disciplines. The school should equally value science and language. A CBSE curriculum will also ensure that students get to cover a massive chunk of the syllabus in competitive exams.

Does the School Has Trained Teachers for Montessori Nursery?

The teachers at the Indian school in Abu Dhabi should have well-qualified teachers. You can check the portfolio of every faculty member from the school website or prospectus. But if you are admitting your child to a Montessori nursery, you should be particularly concerned about the qualification of teachers.

Teachers need special training to teach Montessori kids. Teaching such young kids is not possible with lecture methods.

The teachers need to find interactive ways to make kids pay attention to the lessons. Sometimes Montessori nursery teachers have to blend games with the lessons to make students learn.

You need to ensure that the classrooms are small so that teachers can provide individualized care to students. A low student-teacher ratio makes it easier for teachers to track each student’s progress. The teachers should also be willing to improve their teaching style by attending seminars and workshops.

What Are the Facilities Offered by the School?

You need to investigate the different facilities offered by the school. You need to check whether the school uses modern technology to offer an enhanced learning experience. For instance, the school should be offering smart classes to students.

The school should be centrally air-conditioned to offer a comfortable learning environment. Moreover, the school should have a library, playground, sound labs, music rooms, auditorium, and other facilities. Some schools also offer buses for students to commute easily.

Does the School Seem Concerned with the Safety of Students?

The schools should prioritize the safety of students. The school premises should have 360-degree surveillance. No employees with a shady background should be working at the school.

You need to ask the school if they send back sick students home. Otherwise, the other kids will be exposed to infection and diseases. Moreover, the school should be kept clean and hygienic at all times. Doctors and nurses should be available to cater to medical emergencies.

Are the Office Staff Polite?

A school will have a plethora of non-teaching employees responsible for administration. The office staff should be polite and cooperative. Interact with them a lot, especially during admission.

They should be willing to answer all your questions and explain the admission process to you without getting annoyed. A lack of well-behaved office staff should make you question the school’s administration.

Abu Dhabi Indian School: Importance and Value of Extra-curriculars?

Many parents consider that students should be kept away from extracurricular activities. They think students won’t be able to balance extracurriculars with academics. However, the right blend of curricular and extracurricular activities at the school can make students experience the best of both worlds.

  • Extracurricular activities often help students improve their academic performance. They are the perfect opportunity for students to take a break from academics and pursue their hobbies simultaneously.
  • The extracurricular activities can include sports, art and craft, performing arts, or hobby classes.
  • Each extracurricular activity holds the potential to teach students essential life skills. The co-curricular activities can improve students’ creativity, logical thinking, and critical reasoning.
  • They are also essential in teaching students the value of qualities like perseverance, self-discipline, team spirit, and honesty.
  • The school should provide ample opportunities for students to pursue the extracurricular activities of their choice.
  • The school should have clubs and societies where students can practice and improve their extracurricular skills. Apart from this, the school should also encourage students to participate in various competitions and contests.

Closing Thoughts

Besides considering all these factors, you also need to know about the school expenses. You need to understand whether you will have to pay the fee annually, monthly, or quarterly. You need to determine if the school fee is justified according to the facilities they are offering.

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