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What Is The Double Edged Knife?

What Is The Double Edged Knife

In the world of blades, you will find multiple things that can work for you. Now that you can use knives as tools, they are not as central as all the other blades. But knives have always been weapons, and they are still used that way more than you think. Some are meant for the kitchen, some for taking care of odd jobs, and some are just a combination. A double edged knife is the combination of a weapon and a tool, depending on how you use it. It has a straight edge meant for cutting and a double edge that can cut in reverse and through rough materials. A double edged knife can serve as a slicer, cutter, skinner, filleter, and drainer. It is usually used in hunting for cutting and draining animals and also as a weapon.

Cool Knives And What They Can Do

If you look at how cool knives have changed over the years, it’s easy to see how they have become better. There was a time they were more useful as tools for cutting, but now they perform all sorts of functions. You can find a whole lot of knives that go beyond just being weapons or tools. The double edged knife, in that case, is a pretty ancient and badass weapon.

It used to be an actual double blade in the same hilt used in Asia and the Middle East. It was a powerful war weapon that was used for slicing and stabbing. But the ones that you get now are honed into a single blade with a smooth and a rough side for all sorts of cutting.

If you are looking for impressive blades, pocket knives are pretty high on that list. They are smaller blades that often have foldable blades that close into their handles. That allows them to collapse into a smaller tool that you can easily carry.

On top of that, they also have a good blade that can be used for cutting different things. But pocket knives recently have become so much more than tools as they are really inventive. You will find multiple small tools embedded into the knives to be used to make your life easier. If you learn to properly use a double edge knife, they can serve so many different functions for you.

Foldable Double Edged Knife

If you are working with a pocket version of a double edged knife, it can be really useful. Since it can cut reverse as well, it is good for messy wires, ropes, strings, tape, and tougher materials. You can make use of them in DIY projects as well as in survival training. You might underestimate the use of a good pocket knife, but it can really make a difference.

If you carry a double edged knife with you, it can be the perfect self-defense weapon as well. It is ideal for stabbing, slashing, twisting, and attacking someone trying to harm you. You can train yourself to use the edge of the knife for the right kind of effect. The fact that it comes in a pocket knife category makes it even more impressive and useful for you.

Double Edged Fixed Blade Knife

On the other hand, if you are into something hardier, a fixed double edged blade might be more appropriate. There are multiple times when you need a sturdy blade to make it easier for you to accomplish some tasks. As mentioned earlier, hunters like to use double edged blades because their job is messy.

It is hard enough to catch and kill animals, let alone skin them and cut the meat. You can use a rougher blade in a hunting knife, and having a double-edged knife makes it easier. You don’t have to carry multiple tools or blades and make do with just one reliable blade instead.

Artifacts and Party Tricks With Double Edged Knives

You can bet that any unusual kind of blade invented will be admired for its amazing structure. One of these admirable blades is the double edged butterfly knife. Instead of being firmly embedded in a single hilt, these knives have two handles on a single one. They close onto the blade and can open to reveal the blade that has double edges.

While you can use it for everyday self-defense and hunting, these butterfly knives are a notch above. They are coveted as artifacts and used to perform all sorts of interesting party tricks. They can be used for throwing and juggling, and the whole double handle structure makes for good moves.

You have to train yourself to use double edged butterfly knives as they can be quite complex. But if you learn how to swivel them around, they can be quite impressive to show off as well. There is no doubt that these are also the kinds of cool pocket knives people like to collect. They make for an impressive display and are also pretty unique items to collect and show off.

Is The Cool Double Edged Knife Legal in the U.S?

There might be some rules in some states when it comes to knives, depending on how to use them. But since knives are such a pivotal part of our lives, it’s hard to say what they do. Even though double edged swords may be dangerous, they have the same laws as other knives.

If they are somewhere between 3.5 to 3 inches in blade length, they are legal for use. And since they are also useful for hunting, you can still get them legally.

Of course, you should be careful not to use them for deviant purposes yourself. There are some states that do ban the use of these knives, but individual state laws apply to those. If you still want to check out double edged knives, you should check out the online store Knife Import. They are the most reputable dealers of wholesale knives in the country. Find the passion for knives again; browse through their collection now.


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