Google shuts down its G Suite legacy free edition and leaves users with a lot of anxiety.

Can I Use All Features of G Suite Legacy?

G Suite legacy free edition was a no-cost edition that Google’s G Suite offering that customers could sign-up to up to December 6, 2012. Google announced in the past that it was ending service for G Suite legacy free edition and that users will need to purchase a premium plan to continue to use Google services.

There is no G Suite Legacy Free Edition?

G Suite legacy free edition offered a limited number of features for businesses; however, it was available for free, and customers could sign up for the service.

Signed Up Still Can Use G Suite Legacy Free Edition?

Yes, those who signed up before that date were still able to continue using it until the date of expiration.

G Suite Legacy Free Edition Can Effect Users?

A decade later, Google ended support for the G Suite legacy free edition. The change affects all customers who signed up and, in particular, those who have used it regularly.

When Google Will Move From G Suite to Google Workspace?

Google plans to move all G Suite legacy free edition users to Google Workspace starting May 1, 2022. The users will have access to the service for free until July 1, 2022.

What is the price of G Suite Legacy?

Plans start at just $6 for individual accounts. However, as G Suite legacy-free supported multiple users, specific users might be required to pay more to maintain all their user’s accounts, e.g., for relatives.

How Many are Google Workspace Plans Available?

There are the following two Google workspace plans:

  1. Flexible Plan: No long-term commitment, pay for the users you have each month, and add or remove users as needed.
  2. Annual Plan (Monthly Payment): Requires a 1-year contract; pays monthly for users committed upfront and adds users as needed. You can increase the number of users in the user’s needed field. The Annual Plan is not available when you downgrade to a lower-level edition.

How to Upgrade from G Suit to Google Workspace?

Step to Upgrade Google workspace

Upgrade from G suit to Google workspace is very simple; you just need to follow these easy steps:

Step1. Sign in to your Google Admin console.

Step2. On the Admin console Home page, go to Billing and then get more services.

Step3. At the edition you want, click Switch.

Step4. Review the impact this change will have, and then click Get started.

Step5. Select a suitable plan.

  • Flexible Plan
  • Annual Plan

Step6. Click Checkout.

Step7. Enter your billing information.

Step8. Click Place Order.

If you are using an older version of the G Suite legacy free edition, You must upgrade to the premium Google Workspace subscription to keep your service. This G Suite legacy free edition will be discontinued from May 1, 2022. From May 1, Google will seamlessly transition users to Google Workspace, which is available free of charge until July 1, 2022.

Customers who do not want to join Google Workspace should use the tools for exporting their data.

What Was the Reason to Ended Up G Suite Legacy Free Edition?

A few customers have used the service as their primary power source on the Internet. That is, they used their associated email address to sign up for services and websites, make purchases on the Internet and Google Play, and for all communications purposes using email.

Moving certain portions of those purchases to a different provider, e.g., Google Drive to local storage or another service, is possible. It is not clear how Play Store apps purchases are managed. However, there’s no way to transfer them to a different account.

Furthermore, users who registered to dozens or hundreds of websites over the past decade could have to spend some time changing their logins to a different email address.

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