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Why is My Asus Router Not Connecting to the Internet?

Asus router setup

If you are using a router for internet connectivity. But the router is not performing well. The internet speed is too low while watching the videos facing buffering issues? Then in this situation, you can use an Asus router. This router allows you a high-speed internet connection and a wide range. Asus is a well-known brand all over the world. This is the best router to use in your home or office. The device comes with many special features.

The setup process is also very easy by using simple steps you can easily complete the Asus router setup. This router device comes with two external antennas that provide you a speed of 1900 Mbps.

You can enjoy online gaming, HD 4K videos, and many more activities without any problem. You can connect lots of devices with this router without compromising the internet speed.

If you are looking for a router then the Asus router is the best choice to use in your home and can enjoy an endless experience of high-speed internet connection, But many times we will get some common issues like Asus router not connecting to the internet so to fix this issue here are some simple steps.

Does the Asus router have no internet access?

This kind of problem can be raised due to several reasons. You must power “ON” your Asus router and check the internet connectivity if it fails to connect. So here is the solution

After completing the setup process still, your problem is not solved then you must need to ensure that your router is properly connected to the computer, Even if you are using wireless mode make sure that the distance between your router and computer/mobile is not long.

Place your router in a specific location where the signal can be transferred easily. If the LED indicators change the behavior and start to blink in green it means your router is connected to the internet otherwise follow some steps given below.

Asus router configuration properly

To access the router configuration page you must connect your router wifi network with any device mobile/laptop and in a web browser you need to type router.asus.com or the default IP Address of your router.

The login credentials are “ADMIN”. But while accessing the router configuration page if mistakenly you entered the wrong IP Address then it can cause the error. You need to input the correct IP Address in order to access the Asus router configuration page.

After entering the admin portal of your Asus device you just need to verify the WAN connection type and need to select “Automatic IP”. If the problem is still not resolved, then you may need to reset your Asus router. So here are some steps to reset your router device.

How to reset the Asus router?

The reset process is too easy, just need to power “ON” your Asus router and Take a sharp compass or sharp pen to press the “RESET” button, Which is available on the backside of your router device, Now just press it for 5 seconds and release the button.

You can notice the LED indicators will change the behavior, Now your router will enter on the factory reset mode. After resetting your router you need to again configure your Asus router.

How to do firmware updates?

Even after resetting the router the problem is not resolved then check if your router firmware update or not. Outdated firmware of Asus routers can also raise this kind of problem. To update your router firmware you need to open any web browser and visit Asus router official website.

In the search bar type your Asus device model number and click on download. Set a location where you want to keep the file and download it.

After completing the download process open the file where you saved it. Select your software and click on update. Now your router will update after some time, after updating your router, In this way you can easily update your router.

Even doing software if you are unable to fix the issue. Be sure that your router is not defective. Maybe the router is defective during shipping to your address. If not defective, the firmware update will solve your problem.

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