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Why To Install White Close Coupled Toilet in Your Bathroom?

Close Coupled Toilet

The white close coupled toilet is the most common toilet in the UK and around the world. There may be many reasons for its popularity, but one thing is for sure that it is still the most selling design even though many new designs are already on the market. The history of this type of lavatory goes back to the early 1900s. During the Victorian era, high-level and low-level toilets were popular, with few innovations in direct flush and rims style in the 1800s. The first close-coupled design was formally in the market around the 1930s. Since then, various innovations have been introduced to the design and features of the toilet.

White Close Coupled Toilet- What’s it all About

Whenever you think about a toilet and its colour, it will always come to your mind white. It is because most of the toilet comes in only one colour and that is white. Have you ever thought about why toilets have to be in any other colour? We will discuss it later but first, let’s talk about what’s the close coupled toilet. It is what we mostly have in our homes and workplaces. Perhaps, it is the most common type of design that we usually see everyone. It’s not that there are no other types of toilets that exist. But the fact is that it has various benefits over other types, making it a preferred choice over others.

Why White Close Coupled Toilet?

The first thing that should come to our mind is why it white close coupled toilet? Why not any other colour. Its answer goes back to a few decades ago when the toilets and other fixtures came into white colour. During the early 1900s, when plumbing was in its initial stages, our understanding of hygiene and germs was also developing.

So, the link between the toilet and the spread of diseases was discovered. It became more evident that the toilets should be clean, so these don’t spread the diseases. The main idea was that we should make every effort to make it clean as much as possible.

That’s where the role of toilet colour comes into play. Everyone was thinking about a colour that can help with cleaning or prevent germs from accumulating somehow. The best way of doing so was first to identify a need to clean the fixtures.

It was a white colour that reflected light and highlights dirt quickly. When there is something not clean on such a surface, you will immediately identify it due to its finish. That was when the white became the finish of not only toilets but almost all other bathroom fixtures. Soon, it became popular due to other benefits as well. Since then, the standard colour is white, and no one has had issues with it.

How do White Colour Fixtures help?

The other benefits include as follows:

  • The white fixtures are easier to keep clean. So, you know exactly when it is dirty so you can clean it as early as possible.
  • In addition to that, the white in a finish that invokes peace and a serene environment. Therefore, if you want to create an environment that creates a calm feeling, it is a good choice.
  • White is a finish that easily matches and goes well with all other colour schemes. That means you can match it with others or create contrast easily.

Do We have Colour Options Other Than White Close Coupled Toilet?

Although most of the fixtures are in white, some manufacturers offer them in other colours. However, such fixtures are not much popular and cost a bit expensive too. It is exceptional that you would need any such finish that is not in white.

Are You Looking for White Close Coupled Toilet?

So, you now know why we need white close coupled toilet. There are various benefits associated with such a finish. That’s why it is most popular from the start till date. At Royal Bathrooms UK, we have all types of bathroom suites available at lower prices.

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