Students who are doing PhD degrees might very well know what a dissertation is. For those who don’t know it is a big research-based written paper in which a student finds a real-world problem and then by using the knowledge and the practices or procedures he learned, he proposes the answers to the question.

It took months or even years to complete a dissertation and that is why it is one of the most time-consuming and difficult assignments for any student. For that reason, the students start seeking help, as it is very hard to do it on your own.

However, many students are confused about whether they can help with their dissertation or not.  The simple and one-word answer to this is “YES” someone will write your dissertation. But before choosing the service providers or freelancers there are some things that you should keep in mind and check. So, let’s dive into that. 

Who Will Write My Dissertation?

Plenty of academic assistance and dissertation help agencies are up and running for this task. And also you can hire any freelancer to take help from your senior. All of the three options are helpful and effective. So, you have three options for your dissertation.

1) Hire any service-providing agency

2) Hire freelancers 

3) Take the help of the seniors or do it on your own

Now, let’s move on to what are the factors that you need to consider while choosing any service provider.

What things to consider while choosing someone for your Dissertation?


Although some underrated are not well-known and don’t have thousands of reviews. But for the best the most effective thing before hiring any services provider or any freelancer the first thing that you focus on is their reputation.

See what others have to about them, what are the reviews and suggestions of the people to them. Read the reviews section and you will find out about their writers, and how on-time they are. Can they have the capacity to do your dissertation? To get rid of these tensions you can consider contacting any top dissertation writing service UK for suggestions.


While hiring any service provider or freelancer it is important to analyze the pricing of them. One thing that you should keep in mind is that not only the ones who charge good prices are better. 

There are plenty of other service providers and freelancers available that offer top-quality services at affordable prices too. So, you have to go through the pricing and what services are they offering in the pricing.

Expertise and Professionalism:

While you are hiring someone the most important thing that you have to analyze about them is whether are they capable enough to do your assignment and will give it on time. Have they ever given Report Writing Service or not? Or are they just bluffing to get some work in their hand? 

Honestly, most service providers try to get as much work as possible. But you have to check their level of expertise and professionalism. But how you are going to check it?

1) Talk to them and discuss your project with them and ask them questions about how they will pursue your assignment. 

2) Ask them for samples and analyze the quality of the samples.

3) Talk to the writer who will do your project. Ask about his / her expertise, years of experience, and the process they use for completing your dissertation.

Which is a better Option hiring freelancers or services providing agency?

The benefits of using service providers versus independent contractors are too great to be disregarded while making this decision. With their team of experts, service providers give a level of expertise and quality that independent contractors would not be able to match. These organizations can manage projects effectively because of their resources and knowledge, guaranteeing flawless results. Service providers have a plethora of knowledge, especially when it comes to complex work like dissertation assignments since they have accomplished comparable projects on many occasions. Their experience gives consumers peace of mind in addition to a guarantee of excellent work. Service providers provide a pooled knowledge pool that encourages innovation and creativity, in contrast to independent contractors. Therefore, picking a service provider is the best option since they give not just expert skills but also a solid track record of completing projects.

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