Stories are the written form of what a mind can think or imagine. Writing a story is a great way to express your thinking and imagination on a piece of paper. The worldwide known authors and writers have exceptional creative minds. Many young people passionate about writing and wish to become established authors may start practicing by writing short stories. 

It is quite difficult for an author to write short stories as not everything can be expressed in these stories as the word count is limited. Short stories cannot extend from a certain no. of words. Novels are vast and can be written easily.

There is no specific word count given while writing novels. However, a short story is limited in many ways. You need to have a clear idea about your storyline and the plot you wish to have in your story. 

A new writer must contact publishing outlets that accept short story submissions. Several publishing outlets accept short stories as debuts, and all you need to do is meet their criteria and fulfill their requirements.

The person willing to get their short story published must first research and collect information about the publishing outlet and their basic needs and start writing the story once all the necessary information has been collected.

Who can become a short story writer?

People passionate about writing and who have exceptional language skills can become story writers. All you have to ensure is that you know the basics and the key points of writing a story, such as:

  • Have a proper storyline.
  • A theme that interests and catches the reader’s attention.
  • A plot and twist of the story to make it worth reading.
  • The number of words in a short story is limited to a specific word count.
  • Ensure that you know all your characters and their appearances in the story before starting writing, as it will ease your work and save time.
  • Have a catchy title that makes the readers read your story once published.
  • Have headings in the story to attract the reader’s attention. 
  • Use attractive phrases and direct speeches to develop the reader’s interest while reading the story.
  • Practice writing in the correct story format to be aware of the small details while writing a story.

Is it challenging to write short stories?

Yes, writing short stories is much more difficult when compared to writing novels as the author needs to write a short story in the minted content they have. The word count is also specific for short stories, and they cannot exceed that particular word limit. However, writing novels is much easier as novels are vast and can be written without any specific word count.

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