Administration of On-Premises Exchange Server systems, which were on standby at the beginning of the year, was shocked at midnight (more specifically: January 1, 2022, at the time was 00:00 UTC). Since suddenly, numerous Exchange servers have been unable to transport mail. A post about this issue and a reference to the reason quickly spread across Twitter.

Converting the data value doesn’t work

It is reported that the Anti-Malware Scan Engine encountered an error while converting “2201010001” to a long integer, causing the appropriate process could not ever be launched. Julian Sieber believes in a Tech community Comment published on December 31, 2021, that an error occurred during the conversion of the string to an unsigned integer value. The error codes 0x80004005 and the error description are shown under PID 10816 Kann “2201010002” nicht in Long konvertieren, but written to the log files.

In the writer’s blog for this piece, many affected users posted their experiences, where the image emerged that the issue is present under different Exchange Server versions and different patches. But there is no guarantee that most on-premises Exchange servers will be affected. The theory is that an anti-malware scanner or mail filtering isn’t operating on systems that aren’t affected.

Workaround: Antimalware-Scanning deaktivieren

There is a PowerShell script for Exchange Server Disable-AntiMalwareScanning.ps1 which deactivates the scan engine. This script can be utilized as a temporary solution. Then certain users were required need to restart either the transportation service or, perhaps, it was necessary to reboot the Exchange server.

Alternately alternatively, you can use the PowerShell command is a good option to temporarily disable the filtering of mails:

Set-MalwareFilteringServer exch-19 -BypassFiltering $true

This is also the case, and the transport service needs to be restarted afterward. Another reader informed the author of this post in a private message on Facebook that after executing the command Get-TransportAgent “Malware Agent” | Disable-TransportAgent receiving and sending mail under Exchange Server 2016 works again with the latest cumulative update. Microsoft provides some details about this subject in their blog article “Disable or bypass anti-malware scanning,” which was compiled.

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There is currently on the blog of the author comment from a user that Microsoft has issued a significant update to resolve the issue. But, other administrators say that the update doesn’t fix the issue. A formal announcement from Microsoft is not yet available.

Source: Marketresearchtelecast

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